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The day begins before dawn with a gentle wake-up call and an effort to be in the saddle before the sun breaks over the horizon... Each day's route is different, marked by the Pantanal's ever-changing panorama of sights and sounds. Bursting with life, the bush continuously shifts and transforms as you ride through the plains. With rider, horse and game becoming one, you thunder through the shallows, stirring up plumes of cooling spray as a herd of capybaras drum into the deeper waters. There may be an hour spent trailing a giant anteater, or a carefree gallop through the ankle-deep waters of a pan, or a cautious approach to a herd of white-lipped peccaries, or a day spent cantering across grassy plains and splashing through flooded water meadow, stopping to watch breeding herds of rheas feed in the shade of a carandá-palm island . Above all, come to the Pantanal prepared to be completely captivated by this untrammeled corner of Brazil!

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